Deputy Manager (Engineering)

Key Responsibilities:

  • The Deputy Manager (Engineering) is responsible for the part of the workplace team which performs maintenance and engineering functions.
  • His/her tasks include:
  • Assisting the Head of Engineering in the areas of engineering (aviation ground equipment, vehicles), infrastructure and vehicle maintenance matters.
  • Procuring aviation ground vehicles or specialised equipment, services.
  • Managing and liaising with vendor and service providers for all contracted works.
  • Performing technical and engineering studies and providing advice to support aviation fuel operations.
  • Managing and maintaining depository of technical knowledge and technical publication (JIGS, ATA and IATA) related to fuel storage and equipment /systems.
  • Being involved in quality, workplace safety, security and ISO management system matters.
  • Supporting the General Manager in special projects assignments in innovation, digitalisation and business developments.

Skills and Requirements:

  • Degree in Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Class 3 Driving License
  • Experience in aviation fuel and knowledge of aviation fuel systems/equipment/vehicles
  • Proficiency in hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical systems and circuits as well as different controls and PLC
  • Analytical and resourceful
  • Persuasive to obtain buy-in among internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ability to lead a department and make business decisions independently
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