Procurement Executive

Key Responsibilities:


The executive performs forecasting, material planning and procurement functions to ensure optimal stock holding and ensure value for money purchases in line with government procedures. He / She exercises significant judgement in non-standard situations to ensure highest standards of procurement and fulfilment delivery. With clear understanding of customers’ needs and expectations, he / she enhances the total service experience by identifying and recommending innovations to improve work processes and systems 


Perform Inventory Management 

  • Gather inventory related information, determine requirements and forecast the inventory planning to ensure fulfilment and meeting of service levels and key performance indicators 
  • Perform and analyse planning, tracking and scheduling of stock movements and replenishments of inventory levels to ensure optimal inventory holdings to ensure customer fulfilment rate and inventory cost and warehouse space through data analytics  
  • Manage phase in/out of new and old products to minimise potential write off due to obsolescence, slow moving stock 

Perform Purchasing Management 

  • Perform sourcing, evaluate and recommend for purchase 
  • Liaise with Quality Assurance for the technical inputs of the purchase 
  • Perform purchasing activities of raising of purchase requisition and purchase orders are processed in a timely and accurate manner 
  • Prepare tender requirements, liaise with Quality Assurance and Warehouse for inputs, seek approval for tender and to call and close the tender 
  • Process purchaser evaluation report  and recommend the award of tenders 
  • Process the post tender award of contract administration, updating and renewal 
  • Monitor and ensure deliveries of orders are on time to ensure supply continuity and customer fulfilment 
  • Expedite delivery, if required, and report of vendor failure or incidents and take preventive measures to mitigate risk and supply disruption 
  • To support emergency procurement to meet  urgent requirements such as SARS, Haze, Pandemic, HADR and etc  

Perform Continuous Improvement 

  • Perform trouble shooting and analysis, conduct review of inventory-related projects or requirements. 
  • Identify new and potential vendors and expand supplier base to improve sourcing capabilities 
  • Analyse and develop improvement plans based on performance measures and feedbacks 
  • Coordinate and liaise with other departments to improve quality of service and process flows 

Perform Administration Activities 

  • Carry out Monthly Reports generation & compilation for customers and Internal reports for monitoring & reporting 
  • Follow work and operational policies, procedures and standards and propose review if necessary 
  • Work closely with cross functional teams, internal departments, clients to deliver procurement needs and support that is required to run and improve operations effectively and cost efficiently. 
  • Ensure all purchasing and tender documents are correctly and properly filed 

Skills and Requirements:

  • At Least a Diploma
  • Material Planning and Procurement Management with 3 years of experience is preferred
  • Familiar with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems 
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications and advanced Spreadsheet Functions (Microsoft Excel) 
  • Strong fundamentals in procurement including sourcing, negotiation skills and contract management 
  • Knowledge in SAP and ePRO 
  • Resilient to sudden volume surges in procurement activities 
  • Agile to manage onerous duties assigned 
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