Clinical Services

Besides specialist services in Aviation Medicine, Singapore Aeromedical Centre offers clinical services in Occupational Medicine as well as Family Medicine (General Practice). Our clinic has a comprehensive suite of equipment for diagnostic as well as screening purposes, reducing the need for clients to visit multiple sites for basic tests like X-rays and audiograms (hearing tests). SAC also offers dental services within our clinic premises.

Clinic Capabilities and Services

Aviation Medicine Services
Since 1997, when the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) outsourced its Aviation Medicine services, SAC has been appointed as the commercial company to provide Aviation Medicine services for RSAF pilots, aircrew and personnel in flying-related vocations. SAC has also developed into one of the largest providers of Aviation Medicine Services in the civilian aviation sector.

Occupational Medicine Services
SAC is a recognised provider of comprehensive, high quality Occupational Medicine Services. Besides conducting statutory medical examinations required by law, SAC is appointed the Occupational Medicine Service provider for several large multi-national companies as well as local companies. Leveraging on our experience from working with the RSAF, our doctors are able to apply a unique blend of professional medical expertise with operational knowledge of the specific work environment to maximise the deployment and productivity of workers with medical issues.

Family Medicine Services
SAC offers general Family Medicine Services for both acute and chronic conditions. As we operate our own X-ray machine as well as 2 fully certified audiometry booths, work permit and statutory medical examinations can be done in our clinic without the need to travel to alternative sites for X-rays and other tests. Similarly, SAC offers a wide range of Executive Health Screening (EHS) packages catering to the needs and requirements of patients in various categories. Our EHS packages include dental screening, X-ray, and in-depth Eye and Ear-Nose-Throat examinations, all done at a single visit at our clinic. We also offer Travel Medicine screening and vaccinations.

Due to the requirements in Aviation and Occupational Medicine, our staff are trained to operate a very comprehensive suite of equipment, allowing us to provide high-end diagnostic and screening tests such as ECGs, 24-hr blood pressure, 24-hr ECG (Holter), exercise treadmill, spirometry (lung function test) and a full suite of eye testing equipment.

Dental Services
Operated by our dental partners, our dental clinic offers a wide range of GP-level dental services.

List of Services Available:

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Licensing Medical Examinations (LME) Class 1, 2 and 3

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Flying license medical examinations for the following countries:

  • US (FAA)
  • Australia (CASA)
  • Canada (Canadian CAA)
  • South Africa (South African CAA)

Work Permit Medical Screening

MOM Statutory Medical Examinations

  • Noise
  • Radiation Worker
  • Organophosphate (pesticide workers)
  • Cadmium/Chromium etc

Travel Medicine Screening and Vaccinations

Executive Health Screening Packages (standard and customised)

Tests available:

Drug and Alcohol Testing
Blood tests
BMI and Body Fat percentage
Electrocardiogram (ECG)
24-hr blood pressure
24-hr ECG (Holter)
Lung Function Test (Spirometry)
Plain X-rays
Exercise treadmill
Grip strength
Hand dexterity (Purdue Pegboard)
Eye tests

  • Distance visual acuity
  • Near visual acuity
  • Colour vision (Ishihara and Lantern tests)
  • Stereoscopic vision
  • Eyeball pressure (tonometry)
  • Tests for squints
  • Visual field
  • Retina photography

Explanation of SAC Clinic Tests
What We Test For During Your Medical Examination