An Improved Load Bearing Vest For Our Defence Forces

02 Dec 2020

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) announced the launch of their new Load-Bearing System (LBS) in December 2020. ST Logistics is proud to be part of the Project Management Team that drove the research and development of the new LBS.

As part of the Project Management Team, our Defence Vertical was involved in the procurement and sourcing of materials needed for the new LBS. The enhanced LBS has better distribution of load across the body and improved heat dissipation, in addition to features such as an adjustable belt, detachable body armour carrier and lightweight fabric material. The new LBS has been issued to vocational units with physically demanding mission profiles and will be gradually provided to more National Servicemen in accordance with the SAF’s equipping plan.

Following the LBS’ launch, the team is now focusing on studying post-implementation feedback from LBS users, to undertake future enhancements where needed. 

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