ST Logistics provides Procurement services to Defence, Ministries and Public Sectors. Our specialisation in this area has enabled us to put in place a procurement management system and implemented an e-commerce procurement platform that ensures corporate and regulatory compliance.

We have an extensive network of partners, suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors in which we are able to procure commercial off-the-shelf items and/or custom-made items to meet our customers’ requirements. During emergency and/or crisis, we can draw on our internal stock of essential items inventories, and activate our emergency procurement plan with our partners and suppliers to meet surge and urgent needs of our customers in national civil emergencies whereby inventory control and rapid deployment of resources are inevitable.

Our capability in Emergency Procurement has allowed us to support our Government and customers in key pandemic and disasters as follows:

Singapore ZIKA insect repellent deployment and distribution (MOE)

Nepal Earthquake disaster relief medical supplies support (SAF)

Transboundary Haze emergency masks procurement (MOH)

Singapore H1N1 Pandemic Preparedness and Readiness

Asia Tsunami disaster relief emergency procurement (ICRC)

Singapore SARS outbreak personnel protective equipment emergency procurement (MOH)

9/11 Singapore Security Preparedness and Readiness