Featuring the Autonomous unmanned tech Store (ATS)!

30 Nov 2019

On 21 November 2019, Chief of Army, Major-General (MG) Goh Si Hou officiated the launch of Our Army’s first Autonomous Techstore at the 3rd Army Maintenance Base (3 AMB), Jurong Camp I. The launch ceremony was also witnessed by Commander Combat Service Support Command Colonel (COL) Terry Tan, Chief Maintenance and Engineering Officer (CMEO) Military Expert 7 (ME7) Tan Mu Yen and ST Logistics’ Chief Operations Officer Mr Fun Kum Wah.

This new concept store is a partnership project between ST Logistics and the Ministry of Defence which provides users with a self-service anytime access for collection of on-demand spares and tools.

In this unmanned space, we use:

  • Smart Lockers to manage components and returns
  • Machine vision for Object Recognition during checkouts
  • Video Analytics to track instore personnel
  • Data analytics of last mile fulfilment

ST Logistics’ end-to-end supply chain solutioning has definitely reduced our customer’s enterprise risk and achieved cost savings. Data collected will also support better demand fulfilment, leading to increased operational effectiveness.

It’s innovative and smart tech for the win!

Click the video below to see how the Autonomous Techstore works!

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