Innovation Day 2023: A Transformative Odyssey

27 Oct 2023

Will you join us in exploring boundless creativity? Yesterday, ST Logistics held its annual Innovation Day 2023 and invited our colleagues to embark on a transformative odyssey with Generative AI as our guiding light! The event was a vibrant tapestry of innovation, showcasing projects that ranged from AI-powered inventory management using cutting-edge computer vision and weight sensors, to the PowerApps and PowerBI dashboard that played a pivotal role in the Presidential Elections 2023. These projects illuminated the limitless potential within ST Logistics, shaping the future of the supply chain industry.

At the core of this innovation was Co-Pilot, our beacon of creativity. Through live demonstrations, we witnessed the seamless collaboration between human ingenuity and artificial intelligence, unveiling Co-Pilot’s ability to enhance our capabilities in coding, writing, and design – elevating productivity across our operational processes.

This immersive experience allowed us to explore how technology can revolutionise our workflows, eliminating non-value added activities and propelling us towards a future of efficiency and innovation. Together, we have the power to reshape industries and drive innovation to unprecedented heights. Join us in embracing the future of the supply chain!

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