Innovations in our Army Combat Soldiers' Uniforms

20 Jun 2018

Have you ever wondered how the uniforms of our Singapore National Service men came about?

Taking you back in time where the first generation Temasek Green SAF combat uniform, debuted for the Army, Navy and Air Force in 1967. Later, American-developed camouflage cloth was introduced and it became so fashionable and popular that retailers imitated the design for their goods.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and Singapore has further improved on the soldier’s camouflage capability, resulting in the pixelated uniform in 2008. In fact, upon completion of extensive research and trials, a new hybrid uniform was recently introduced to the Army combat units in January 2018.

Made up of the usual Number 4 uniform pixelated fabric and a high-performance fabric, these have been proven to be more comfortable for our soldiers. The material also dissipates heats faster, resulting in cooling uniforms.

ST Logistics is proud to have been a part of the innovation, design and procurement process of the new hybrid uniforms.

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