Ride The Green Wave With Us

05 May 2021

This year, the Singapore Government reaffirmed its commitment to advancing the National agenda on sustainable development through the Green Plan 2030. Part of this plan advocates the usage of cleaner-energy vehicles. As the Nation’s go-to supply chain and high-assurance logistics services partner, we too want to play our part by adopting vehicles that are energy-efficient into our transportation fleet.

On 5 May 2021, we launched 4 new electric vehicles that have taken the place of recently retired diesel vehicles in our fleet. Mr Thomas Knudsen, Managing Director of Toll Group, graced the launch event and kickstarted our journey towards contributing to a greener and cleaner land transportation ecosystem.

Another 20-30 more electric vehicles will be added progressively to our fleet to replace current diesel ones. Vehicle charging stations will also be set up in our operational locations to ensure we have the right infrastructure to support the electric vehicles and their operations.

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