SAPNOW SEA: Transform Tomorrow, Today

25 Jul 2023

Transform Tomorrow, Today: This morning, we joined our visionary CEO, Mr Loganathan Ramasamy, and CHRO, Mr Tan Wong Tong, as they take the spotlight at SAPNOW SEA, a groundbreaking event for new SAP insights, solutions, and ideas that will propel businesses into a dynamic future!

Invited as a speaker on a panel chaired by Verena Siow, (President & MD of SAP SEA), Mr Loganathan Ramasamy, alongside Aik-Chong Phuah (CEO of PETRONAS Digital Sdn Bhd), and Chaye Cabal-Revilla (CFO and CSO of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation) took the stage in sharing how they led their organisations to stay on top of demand, and how they envision implementing AI over time to future-proof their organisations.

“As we modernised this solution with RISE with SAP, we will be able to leverage on the entire SAP Ecosystem of digital capabilities such as advance analytics (SAC), supplier/procurement networks (SAP Ariba) as well as citizen development (BTP). These solutions will unlock huge values for our organisation as we are now in a better position to be a data-driven and intelligent organisation than before. The benefits of all these will of course flow down to our customers – both in the civil service and the private sectors.” — Mr Loganathan Ramasamy

Later in the afternoon, Mr Tan Wong Tong, Chief Human Resource Officer of ST Logistics, took the stage at one of the Breakout Tracks: Human Experience Management. There, he shared his invaluable experience in embarking on the journey to Transform Tomorrow, Today and how he drove the change in ST Logistics’ Human Resources experience; delving deep into strategies for thriving in a cloud-first, digital, and experience-driven economy.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing market of Southeast Asia, future proofing and innovation have become paramount for staying competitive and relevant. As trailblazers in this regard, ST Logistics has fearlessly embarked on the journey to Transform Tomorrow, Today, staying steadfast on top of both demand and disruption. Let’s seize the future, embrace innovation, and lead the way towards an empowered and successful tomorrow!

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