Procurement Executive

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform Procurement Tasks
  • Execute measure using quality management knowledge to enhance quality standards
  • Develop Vendor database, conduct selection, assessment and performance process
  • Execute all purchases in compliance with the Company procurement Policy and Procedure.
  • Administrate and execute RFQ/RFP/Tender process as part of the procurement tools.
  • Execute forecast planning of resources within business activities
  • Execute operational improvements based on performance measures
  • Ensure that purchases are completed in a timely manner through proactive planning and careful management.
  • Work with Warehouse to determine the inventory list and optimise holding stock to ensure minimal stock-out.
  • Monitor contracts and vendors to ensure quality, pricing and delivery objectives are met.
  • Add value to the purchases through proper negotiations, introduction of quality, safety, new products, product standardisation or innovative ways of sourcing.
  • Handle miscellaneous task and project relating to sourcing, supply chain etc. as and when required
  • Perform Tech Application Tasks
  • Gather information on reputable sources and partners of latest technology trends
  • Execute key activities and milestones in technology projects
  • Application of technology solutions and automations to improve processes
  • Report level of technology usage and usage rate
  • Execute learning activities, including learning materials on technology or electronic tools and devices
  • Perform Continuous Improvement Activities
  • Execute Continuous Improvement Project
  • Perform documentation of business requirements
  • Perform identification of business requirements
  • Coordinate activities to improve quality of procurement services
  • Perform Business Administration Activities
  • Execute learning plans to achieve highest standard of safety and operational excellence
  • Communicate requirements and activities to stakeholders
  • Work with allocated resources to ensure alignment of interests within business activities
  • Apply & follow operational policies, standards and procedures
  • Perform risk assessment

Skills and Requirements

  • Polytechnic Diploma and above
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office Applications
  • Knowledge in ePRO, SAP, WMS
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