Sharing Vani’s Story: SG Budget & You

22 Feb 2024

ST Logistics is delighted to announce that our esteemed colleague, Vani Gopalan, Deputy Manager, was recently showcased in the ‘The Budget & You’ series, where she graciously shared her inspiring journey of self-improvement amidst the dynamic landscape of the workplace.

With a tenure spanning over two decades at ST Logistics, Vani seized the array of training avenues facilitated by both governmental schemes and internal initiatives, including the Career Conversion Programme and SkillsFuture courses. These invaluable opportunities empowered her to acquire proficiencies in vital areas such as digital literacy, data analytics, and project management.

Supported by her dedicated managers and mentors, Vani adeptly applied her newfound knowledge, enhancing her productivity and performance while embracing fresh challenges with confidence and proactivity.

During her interview, Vani expressed profound gratitude for the pivotal role of the SG Budget in fostering her professional growth, citing its subsidies for training expenses, wage support, and emphasis on lifelong learning. She also extended appreciation to ST Logistics for fostering a nurturing environment conducive to personal and career development.

Vani’s narrative serves as a beacon of inspiration, exemplifying ST Logistics’ commitment to nurturing a culture of continuous learning and innovation. We take immense pride in Vani’s achievements and commend all our resilient staff who exhibit adaptability in navigating the ever-evolving logistics landscape. Moving forward, we remain steadfast in our dedication to investing in our human capital, ensuring ample opportunities for skill enhancement and career advancement. By nurturing our talent, we are poised to deliver enhanced value to our cherished customers and stakeholders alike.

Watch her full interview here.

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