SkillsFuture Queen Bee Sustainability Masterclass: Sustainability Job Redesign Reskilling (JRR) Initiative

30 Nov 2023

How can we integrate sustainability into our work? It’s a question that our team at ST Logistics often contemplates. Yesterday marked a pivotal moment as we proudly became the first SkillsFuture Queen Bee endorsed by Workforce Singapore (WSG) and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) to lead the pre-requisite course for the Sustainability Job Redesign Reskilling (JRR) Initiative.

In a world increasingly prioritising global sustainability, our commitment is evident in the earnest effort to redesign existing jobs, infusing them with essential sustainability elements. The demand for new roles, particularly in areas like carbon management, is on the rise. This program not only meets industry demands but also emphasises the need to support fellow Singaporeans in embracing these ‘green’ roles, ensuring they are well-equipped for the evolving job landscape.

Collaborating with 8 other Queen Bee companies, we welcomed 25 participants who will be embarking on a 3-month OJT journey supported by ST Logistics after attending the course. Guided by our dedicated Sustainability team – Joseph Chua, Cheng Zihua and Ng Zhong Hong – the program focused on reshaping roles to embrace a more sustainable future.

“With the increasing focus on sustainability globally, ‘green’ roles are imperative to support companies’ sustainability journey,” said Joseph Chua, Vice President of Business Excellence and Sustainability. “This initiative is more than just a response to demand; it’s a proactive approach to shaping the future, ensuring that the supply chain community is prepared for a sustainable tomorrow.”

As a testament to our unwavering commitment, ST Logistics looks forward to continuing to upskill and prepare the supply chain community for a sustainable future. Join us as we continue to shape the narrative and build a better, greener future together!

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