ST-Airport Services (STARS)’s new 5252m² facility – Loyang Fuel Facility

09 Nov 2018

Loyang Fuel Facility (LFF) is ST-Airport Services (STARS)’s latest key asset in providing the complete suite of aviation fuel related services, ranging from supply chain management of aviation fuel(which includes fuel stock management and fuel transportation), airport fuel storage facility management, to into-plane (ITP) refueling. Located at 37 Loyang Crescent, the facility was completed in June 2018. The investment in the development of Loyang Fuel Facility is a testament of our long-term planning for sustaining and improving our aviation fuel services and capability for our customers.

Features of the Loyang Fuel Facility

  • Storage capacity of 300,000 litres of Jet Fuel and 50,000 litres of Aviation Gasoline (AvGas)
  • Full suite of pumps and filtration system
  • Facility protected by a suite of firefighting system
  • Administration building, workshop, storage sheds and other auxiliary buildings
  • Houses STARS’s fleet of fuel trucks and aircraft refuellers

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