ST Logistics keeps the engines roaring at F1 Singapore

05 Apr 2018

Formula One drivers know a bit about thrill-seeking. They race multi-million-dollar cars at 375 kilometres an hour – and up to 160 kilometres an hour around corners – in what can only be described as an adrenalin rush. F1 is an expensive, high-stakes sport where roaring engines, screeching tyres, spectacular crashes and the chase for the chequered flag make it as exhilarating for drivers and crews as it is for spectators.

The action on the track is only part of the story. Keeping the wheels turning behind the scenes is the other part, and that’s where ST Logistics has played a key role every year since the first Formula One Singapore Grand Prix was held in 2008. Singapore was the first ever city to host an F1 race at night and it remains one of only a handful of night events on the F1 calendar.

Against the spectacular backdrop of Singapore’s night skyline, the route weaves through the city centre and past the many landmarks of Singapore’s Marina Bay area. Grandstands along the route seat up to 80,000, while high-tech lighting provides near daylight conditions that enhance safety for drivers.

As you’d expect, feeding 80,000 spectators plus support teams, media and security personnel is an enormous logistical challenge. As part of that effort, ST Logistics was engaged by the F1 to manage the supply and distribution of food and beverages from the Central Logistics Centre to venues across the city.

Anthony Ang, who led ST Logistics’ team of 15, explained the scale of the operation. “We moved more than 100 pallets in and out of the Central Logistics Centre over the three days for dispatch to the 15 hotels in the vicinity of the race” he said.

Working to a rigid timetable built around each leg of the race, with the added complexity of road closures and increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic, ST Logistics’ ten years of experience partnering with the F1 Singapore paid dividends. With detailed planning beginning a month prior to the event, ST Logistics’ Food and Beverage team ensured that suppliers, drivers and other key stakeholders all came together like a well-oiled logistics machine.

The team also had responsibility for refuelling the large fleet of helicopters on hand to shuttle VIPs to and from the VIP spectator area.

In addition, ST Logistics’ Public Sector team partnered with the Singapore Police Force to provide the highest standards of safety and security at the event. The team’s activities ranged from crowd control, installing safety barricades and manning road blocks to erecting command post tents, first-aid zones and rest areas.

The F1 Singapore Grand Prix is one of the nation’s premier annual events and ST Logistics is proud of its long association with the race.

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