ST Logistics Partners’ Safety Day 2023: Reinforcing WSH For Business Sustainability

26 May 2023

It’s ST Logistics Partners’ Safety Day! This morning, ST Logistics was proud to host its annual Partners’ Safety Day, with the 2023 theme revealed to be “Reinforcing WSH For Business Sustainability”.

During the event, partners, vendors and suppliers of ST Logistics were invited to renew their commitment to safety and receive the safety pledge. The safety pledge serves as a reminder that safety is everyone’s responsibility, and that by working together, a safer workplace can be created. It also helps to instill a sense of accountability and ownership, as individuals are publicly committing to upholding ST Logistics’ safety standards and supporting its safety initiatives.

The event also invited experts in the field such as Ms Julia, guest speaker from Workplace Safety and Health Council, Mr Ananda, Co-Founder of Inviglio Technologies, Dr Chong, Director of Technocorp, Dr Timothy, Medical Director, and Jim, SkillsFuture SG Queen Bee Officer, who shared their insights and best practices for ensuring a safe workplace. 

Everyone has a role in maintaining safety. From employees to management, ST Logistics is proud to uphold high standards and foster a culture of well-being. Together, we can create a safer workplace!

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