STL50: Ride In The City

What a ride! As part of ST Logistics 50th Anniversary Ride In The City event, we rode 50km and participated in the company-wide Cycling Challenge hosted at Bay East Bridge! We also invited Toll to join our colleagues and teams to compete in the 50KM amazing race, spending quality bonding time at the cycling trails and enjoying the fantastic views.

Congratulations to Homeland Security Vertical for emerging champion in the STL50 Cycling Challenge!

Congratulations to the Homeland Security Vertical for emerging champion in the Cycling Challenge, but there were winners all round, as we are one STL! Thank you to all the participants, supporters and organising committee – as well as Toll – for making one of our biggest STL50 event such a great success!

Check it out – our competitive teams racing out of the starting point to reach their first checkpoint!

Check out more photos of our cyclists in their element here – when in doubt, just pedal it out!

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