Integrated Supply Chain Services

The Defence vertical manages the SAF supply chain. It integrates the supply and demand across multiple suppliers and different end-users; expanding traditional supply chain management into a network of relationships. The key to this is the IT integration of the enterprise and warehouse management systems between the customer and ST Logistics.  

Our end-to-end integrated services include development of technical specifications, sourcing and procurement, ordering and inventory control, acceptance and quality control, warehousing, processing of customer’s orders, distribution, reverse logistics management as well as disposal management. 

Apart from the conventional and automated storage systems, we also provide temperature-controlled environment for both humidity-sensitive and cold chain requirements. We operate an extensive local delivery distribution network that include armed & traffic mobile escorts for highly sensitive and hazardous material movements. We provide dedicated teams to manage customer orders and ensure a desired level of service that is beyond the expectations of the customers.

Our key differentiation is our commitment to provide secured logistics services through our experienced workforce and the reliable partners that our customers can count upon during surge or emergencies. These are operations beyond commercial logistics. At the national front, we have demonstrated our surge capability during the SARS and haze crisis in 2004 and 2013 respectively. At the regional level, we have been supporting MINDEF in all their Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HADR) efforts. These operations demonstrated our surge capability beyond usual businesses to support national and regional contingencies.